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Storytelling from an expert’s point of view

«Listen more than you talk and ask more than you answer.»

She has been fascinated by stories all her life: Christine Anne Berger, Creative Director at Amstutz Partners, studied in the USA and Scotland and has intensively dealt with the art of storytelling. She knows how to link products and services to emotions and thus to stories, and reveals why she considers the method so powerful.

What is the essence of a good story?

For me, the heart and soul of a story is the pending threat that must be challenged. It is the reason a story exists.

What is it about storytelling that you are passionate about?

I love to create visually engaging narratives for others and adding tactile elements that can be experienced, explored and interpreted, even remembered by readers. I want the story experience to become part of the reader’s story, and when the reader retells the story – the story evolves. I develop a special connection to each story that I create – part of myself, my experiences and my memories are in each one of them.

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Where does this passion come from?

My grandmother was a storyteller and she inspired me. I am still fascinated how stories transport us in time, move us in space and change our perceptions of those around us. Stories are simply powerful.

Where do you get your ideas from and what do you recommend to future narrators?

I am constantly collecting information; from the past, from my surroundings, from experiences as well as from everything and everyone around me. Even an old tree can tell a powerful story through its scars, rings and formations. For future storytellers, I recommend: be aware of who your target audience is and what challenges they face – then get going! Once the canvas is dirty you can always respond to it.

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“Storydoing” is coming back! What do you think? Should storytellers also become “Storydoers”?

A story is made and formed by a storymaker, told by a storyteller and can be made to be experienced by a storydoer. Not many companies have the ability to successfully combine all three techniques. These three elements are a holistic learning experience and not only make stories tangible, they also allow them to grow organically. In order for this growth to remain positive and self-sustaining while the story unfolds independently, the story requires a solid foundation. Red Bull, Tesla and Steve Jobs (amongst others) have all done an excellent job creating corporate cultures that support this type of growth and the art of storydoing.

«Storytelling forms how we see ourselves as well as how we feel about others. It creates relationships.»

Christine Anne Berger, Creative Director

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