Cross-media trial week

Amplifon is the world's leading provider of hearing solutions with more than 13,000 employees in 22 countries. As the Swiss market leader in hearing aid fitting, Amplifon focuses its services and support entirely on "better hearing" for its customers. In Switzerland, Amplifon employs around 290 people in over 90 specialty stores and generates international sales of around CHF 1.1 billion.


Arouse the interest of talented young people for a new and not well known apprenticeship while motivating them to visit Amplifon`s trial weeks at several locations throughout Switzerland. This was Amplifon's assignment.


We developed an integrated campaign that covered all major channels where young people with an affinity for media and technology can be found. The connecting media anchor was a key visual that combined the themes of hearing, lifestyle and youth in a relaxed yet eye-catching way. Cross-media communication is aimed to engage young independent thinking audiences in their own environment.

Arbeitsbeispiel Plakat Amplifon Schnupperwochen
Arbeitsbeispiel Flyer Amplifon Schnupperwochen
Arbeitsbeispiel Detailaufnahme Flyer Amplifon Schnupperwochen
Arbeitsbeispiel Anmeldeformular Amplifon Schnupperwochen
Arbeitsbeispiel Landing Page Amplifon Schnupperwochen
Arbeitsbeispiel online Anmeldebestätigung Amplifon Schnupperwochen

"The trial weeks were successful. The campaign engaged a great number of people and we were able to fill all available trial.”

Ute Binderheim, HR Director Amplifon AG