ap&p Versicherungs-Treuhand AG

From broker to partner

As an insurance broker, ap&p Versicherungs-Treuhand AG is an intermediary between insurers and companies. It has that in common with other insurance brokers. The quality of independent, committed advice, which is geared solely to the interests of the company, sets it apart from the competition.


From the point of view of policyholders, brokers are often badly regarded because of the assumption that they are only interested in taking out policies and loyal only to the insurance company from which they receive commission.


A renewed brand presence. Under the claim "In your interest" we repositioned ap&p Versicherungs-Treuhand AG as what it is: an independent consulting company that represents the client's interests as a competent and committed representative. We implemented a handwritten claim to transport personal commitment and supported the claim wit authentic customer statements. The entire brand presence now conveys the combination of seriousness, competence and partnership down to the last detail.

"The new corporate identity perfectly reflects our ethos, our culture, our entire claim. And this has contributed significantly to the fact that we have been able to continuously expand our market position."

Walter Reho, Managing Director/Owner