AS Aufzüge AG

“Broad competence” taken literally

AS Aufzüge AG is the second largest elevator company in Switzerland created by the fusion of various medium-sized elevator companies. Overtime AS has developed a distinct multi-brand competence for the maintenance and modernization of lifts from various origins. Today the company is the undisputed number one in the lift service segment.


AS Aufzüge has the experience and know-how to provide high quality maintenance services for all brands. This multi-brand competence should be made known and deepened among property managers, homeowners and facility management managers.


We created a "broad competence" message campaign. The key visual consists of a series of different lift doors from different brands. The heart of the campaign is a mailing with a sweet surprise: a wide-format box printed with the key visual and filled with chocolate. In addition, panorama ads are used in trade journals and online banners. Existing communication channels where also adorned with the image in places such as on the rear windows of company vehicles, in the customer magazine, on invoice inserts and in mail signatures.

Arbeitsbeispiel AS Aufzuege Visualisierung Mailing
Arbeitsbeispiel AS Aufzuege Mailing
Arbeitsbeispiel AS Aufzuege Frontseite Mailing
Arbeitsbeispiel AS Aufzuege Rueckseite Mailing
Arbeitsbeispiel AS Aufzuege Panorama-Anzeigen
Arbeitsbeispiel AS Aufzuege Panorama-Anzeigen
Arbeitsbeispiel AS Aufzuege Landingpage
Arbeitsbeispiel AS Aufzuege Werbebanner
Arbeitsbeispiel AS Aufzuege Heckscheibe Servicefahrzeuge