RUAG MRO International

Communication, an important part of service optimization

RUAG MRO International is a global leading supplier, operator and integrator of systems and components for civil and military aviation. One special feature of the RUAG MRO International portfolio is the Dornier 228 – a versatile aircraft used worldwide for special passenger and cargo transport missions.


One of the key factors in the optimization of customer support is increased, continuous communication with Dornier 228 owners and operators. The core task is community building with the aim of effectively integrating aircraft operators and pilots.


Firstly, we engaged in regular dialogue to understand the needs of the customer and of their customers fostering a deep and lasting bond between all parties involved. We then collaborated with RUAG MRO International to create a concept for the Dornier 228 Community. The corresponding package of tools created consists of continues operator conferences, periodic information via e-mail newsletter and a tri-annual reportage-like magazine "LoveDornier228".

Arbeitsbeispiel RUAG Aviation E-Mail Einladung Dornier 228 Operator Conference
Arbeitsbeispiel RUAG Aviation Teaser Video als Bestandteil der E-Mail Einladung zur Dornier 228 Operator Conference
Arbeitsbeispiel RUAG Aviation Magazin LoveDornier228
Arbeitsbeispiel RUAG Aviation Newsletter FlyDornier228
Arbeitsbeispiel RUAG Aviation Online Artikel zum Newsletter FlyDornier228
Dornier 228 Operator Conference

"The intensified dialogue with the Dornier 228 Community has become an important part of our customer communication. The community appreciates the constructive dialogue and internally, the measures promote the identification and motivation of those involved.”

Rachel Gisiger, Marketing & Communication Manager RUAG MRO International