jeppa – Engineering Portal

From a business model to a brand

The engineering portal jeppa helps to find the suitable engineering software and the right supplier. The independent portal offers a comprehensive and neutral market overview all around software, service providers, training, events and jobs. All data is compiled and checked conscientiously. jeppa thereby brings providers and searchers together and helps to make better engineering decisions.


The engineering market is a lot but certainly not easy and straightforward. Choosing the right engineering software and the right provider is just as challenging as finding the optimal engineering service provider. Wrong decisions easily add up to very high financial consequential damages. And this is exactly what the engineering portal jeppa wants to prevent: comprehensive, neutral and simple information to enable better decisions. Based on this business idea, a seamless process is needed for the credible, attractive and differentiating marketing of the services. In short: a brand with charisma.

Brand Identity

“The cooperation with AP fully meets my expectations: cooperative, pragmatic, efficient and reliable. However, it is permeated by a positive critical attitude, which does not know any sacred cows, but is always ready to question the existing in order to make it better. The entire project team is passionately involved – as if it were their own company.”

Roger Infanger, Founder of jeppa