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RUAG MRO International is an independent supplier, support provider and integrator of systems and components for civil and military aviation worldwide. Within the civil aviation sector, the company focuses on providing services for owners and operators of business and private jets.


RUAG developed a new corporate strategy to improve customer retention and loyalty. Customers should become part of a community and feel at home in the family of Business Aviation. This was a great challenge, as the company wanted to reach new customers as well as existing ones. Different aviation service providers all function under the same rules and have relatively the same prices and processes, so why and what would make RUAG be the one that customers would return to over and over again? At the same time, employees were also an obvious element of the strategy and their pride and community needed to be built up.

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"The first feedback is very positive. The measures implemented support the targeted development of the community and ensure that customers, partners, suppliers and employees grow closer together."

Rachel Gisiger, Senior Manager Marketing & Communication, RUAG MRO International