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Living in the sky

RUAG Aviation is a leading global supplier, operator and integrator of systems and components for civil and military aviation. In an effort to expand their horizons and grow business a new product called SkyLife was created. SkyLife is a brand new cabin concept created for private jets and helicopters that raises the quality of life during air travel to a new level.


The communication challenge was complex: RUAG Aviation, an established player in the aviation B2B market, entered new territory in the luxury segment and addressed an extremely demanding target group (Ultra High-Net-Worth Individuals) with a unique product. In other words, to individuals with more than USD 50 million in net assets. Our mission: to be at the forefront, develop a wholistic concept that runs like a red thread from product development, through storymaking, telling and doing, to the creation and implementation of a customer journey.


We researched the customer intensively and were able to give valuable input to the industrial product designers throughout the development of the product: this resulted in a cabin concept that enables relaxed quality time with a maximum of aesthetic and functional comfort. In close cooperation with RUAG, we have consistently developed "SkyLife" and its guiding principles. The story continues to be enriched by cultural and philanthropic elements, and consistently unfolds the idea of “Living in the sky”.

Arbeitsbeispiel RUAG Aviation SkyLife App
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Arbeitsbeispiel RUAG Aviation SkyLife Broschüre und Buch
Arbeitsbeispiel Detailaufnahme RUAG Aviation SkyLife Buch
Arbeitsbeispiel RUAG Aviation Detailaufnahme SkyLife Buch
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Arbeitsbeispiel Detailaufnahme RUAG Aviation SkyLife Broschüre
Detailaufnahme SkyLife Broschüre
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"The SkyLife storyline works excellently for the target group we have chosen. This is shown by the extremely positive feedback from a usually rather reserved milieu."

Laurence Price, Product Management & Innovation RUAG Aviation